DaniLeigh – Dominican Mami Ft. Fivio Foreign [MP4]

DaniLeigh Dominican Mami Mp4 Video download

DaniLeigh Dominican Mami Mp4 Video download

Couple of weeks back, DaniLeigh released her new song called ‘Dominican Mami’ which features guest verse from Fivio Foreign.

As the Def Jam has now return today with the official music video for the song which is shot in Dominican Republic.

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Watch it below and share. Download DaniLeigh Dominican Mami Mp4 Video below.

[Intro: DaniLeigh]
(Mom, MoneyEvery is making beats again)
Mm-mh, ayy, ayy, okay
(We on X games mode)

[Chorus: DaniLeigh]
Dominican mami (Yeah, yeah)
Dimelo papi
I copped the whip and I’m riding shotty (Skrrt, skrrt)
You need a hobby (Yeah)
Waitin’ on me in the lobby
Yeah, bitches, they copy (Woo)
Kickin’ that bitch, karate (Yeah)
Only do rich, no Roddy
I saw your ex and she sloppy
Ooh, Gucci all over my body (Yeah)
He text me, “Baby, I’m sorry” (Sorry)
I don’t do sorry, yeah
Only in love with my money (Yeah)
I’m shaped, shaped like a Barbie (Ooh)
I get the shmoney like Bobby (Shmoney Gang)
Dominican mami (Ooh)
Diamonds, they twerkin’ like Cardi, yeah

[Verse 1: DaniLeigh]
He play my game like Atari
He want Minaj like Safaree (Ooh, ooh)
I cook the beef like hibachi
I got a pound of biscotti, yeah
I can see that they jealous
Moon walking, Margielas
VVS on my tennis
I broke his heart, it’s my fetish
Shawty a bird, feathers (Brrr)
Hate when she sees us together (She’s cool)
This and the third dead it (Thirty)
I buy a foreign, you rent it (Swerve)
I don’t do nothin’ for credit (Credit)
I don’t do nothin’ for clout (Yeah, clout)
They tryna see what I’m ’bout (Ooh)
Shut up, I’ll sit on your mouth
Bitch, I’m a queen, so just give me some crown (Yeah)

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