Migos – Racks 2 Skinny [MP3]

Migos Racks 2 Skinny Mp3 download

Migos Racks 2 Skinny Mp3 download

Sensational music trio, Migos have now followed up their last week release Taco Tuesday with yet another brand new song called “Racks 2 Skinny.”

This release comes alongside with a matching visuals. Without much ado, you can now stream the song in full below.

Download Migos Racks 2 Skinny Mp3 below.

Quotable Lyrics

[Intro: Takeoff]
(Durel made the beat, I’ma rock with it)

[Verse 1: Takeoff]
I cop me a coupe and I hop in it (Coupe)
He claimin’ the gang, but he not in it (Not)
That Birkin bag came with the fire in it (Brrt)
He told you a rap with a lie in it (Lie)
He got some new jewels, he flexin’ his ice
He prayin’ to God he don’t die in it (God)
Let me take ’em back to the bando on the Nawf
Don’t you remind me (Nawf)
I try to stay low, but I shine so bright
So it be hard not to find me (Shine)
These rainbow diamonds up in that Rollie
No, this not your regular timepiece (Rainbow)
Come place your order, gon’ cost you a quarter
And it’s a fee to stand beside me (Fee)
God forbid, if somebody try me
I’m turnin’ this shit to a crime scene (Brrt)
Grab a SIG and put up the kids
The mini-Draco in the arm sling (Shoot)
And ain’t no jumpin’ or switchin’ no side
When I let it sing, the bells ring (No)
Please don’t judge me just ’cause of my cover
‘Cause you never seen what I seen (Go)
When the racks too skinny

Migos Racks 2 Skinny Mp3 download

[Verse 2: Quavo]
I walk in this bitch with my gun out (Bah)
You don’t know what I know, ain’t seen what I seen
What the fuck they be talkin’ ’bout? (Huh?)
Damn (Damn)
She still count the bag and went on this bitch to clock out (Go)
I pulled the F&N out of my drawers
She thought I was pullin’ my cock out (Cock out)
If you touch one of us, we bust
Your lil’ bitty shit get shot down (Grrah)
You’re not one of us
I did not trust ya then, especially not now (No, no)
Young nigga come through spinnin’ this swingin’ shit
It’s a Nawfside playground, yeah (Nawfside)
Zip ’em up, spray ground (Zip ’em)
We gone, 85 northbound (Skrrt)
Yes, sir, it’s Migo business (Yes, sir)
We divided the field like tennis (Divided the field)
We shook up the trenches (Yeah)
Movin’ the tenants and still trappin’ in it (Trappin’, trap)
It’s a handout, fifty (Woo)
I’ll stack it up, double up, spend it (Stack it, stack it)

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