Joyner Lucas – Lotto [MP3]

Joyner Lucas Lotto Mp3

Joyner Lucas Lotto Mp3 download

Joyner Lucas has already promised that we are finally getting ADHD Album this month unfailingly. But before the drop, Joyner is here with yet another single off the project, this is dubbed “Lotto.”

A follow up to his previous release titled Revenge which also came with a matching visuals.

Download Joyner Lucas Lotto Mp3 below and share your thoughts.


Quotable Lyrics

Mally Mall

Joyner Lucas Lotto Mp3 download

[Verse 1]
It’s my birthday, I’m ’bout to get lit-lit (Lit-lit)
Might blow a bag on the drip-drip (Drip)
Make it all back on a quick flip, ayy (Ayy)
I just need cake and a thick bitch, ayy (Ayy)
I ain’t have much, just a wishlist (A wishlist)
Now the broke nigga doin’ big shit (Big shit)
I got the gun lock, loaded, I’m ignant
So keep one eye open like Slick Rick (Brra, brra-brra)
I got the drip game, nigga, I’m the big mane (Big mane)
Switch lanes on ’em, hit the mid range (Mid range)
Keep the big strap on me like a hitman (Brra)
It go “click-clack, willow-wallow, bing bang” (Brr-brra)
I ain’t never been shit, ain’t shit changed (Shit changed)
But niggas get lame when you get fame (Brra)
Can’t sleep at night ’til I get brains
Got a mean ass pipe and a dick game

I got a bitch on my sofa (Sofa)
I got a chip on my shoulder (Shoulder)
You gotta live with your karma
And if you get hurt then you got what you supposed to (Boom)
I got hitters all over (Over), told ’em this is all over (All over)
I take the kids on drugs and line ’em all up and get ’em all sober (Woo)

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