Meek Mill – Otherside of America [MP3]

Meek Mill Otherside of America

Meek Mill Otherside of America Mp3 download

Philly rapper, Meek Mill has put out a new song ‘Otherside of America’ where he raps about how he feels about the current situation in his country in light of the protests against Police brutality.

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Download Meek Mill Otherside of America Mp3 below.

[Intro: Donald Trump]
What do you have to lose?
You’re living in poverty
Your schools are no good
You have no jobs
58% of your youth is unemployed
What the hell do you have to lose?

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Reportin’ live from the other side of America

[Verse 1]
Mama let me sip the forty, I was just a shorty (Damn)
Then I started spittin’ godly, then they said ‘record me’
I feel like this shit was for me, this shit just my story (Facts)
Yeah, uh
Jumped off the porch
I got a Porsche, won’t take it back
I’m on the block with the killers and holdin’ my own, of course (Yeah, check, check)
I seen my mom and dad separate, ain’t talkin’ divorce (Talkin’ divorce)
Said daddy was livin’ by the fire, and he died by the torch (Check, check)
I’m where the AKs is, we like the Bébé’s Kids
Ain’t have a daddy, I listened to suckas the same way that Ray Ray did
I’m totin’ Smith &’s and HKs and I just was a grade A kid
Ain’t have no guidance, we grew up with hitters and did everything they said
Point out the block, we spinnin’ that (Spinnin’)
Run in the spot, we gettin’ that (Get it)
Give us some work, we flippin’ that (Flippin’)
I’m hittin’ from jail, they ain’t hiittin’ back
I need a lawyer, money for commissary, and nobody ain’t sendin’ that
I’m in my cell like, “When I get out, I’m makin’ a movie, no Cinemax” (Woo)
Yeah, back home and I’m fresh on bail
Phone chirpin’, it was next to Tell
Block popppin’, it was extra sales
Big dogs, they ain’t showin’ remorse
I was beggin’ just to catch a sale
Same block, we was goin’ to war
I was prayin’ I ain’t catch a shell (Check)

Meek Mill Otherside of America Mp3 download

Uh, we was starvin’ for a thousand nights
Livin’ like we tryna die tonight
Glock .40 sound like dynamite
I was fuckin’ up my cop money
Sellin’ soap like it’s China white
OG’s said, “You fuckin’ the block up”
I was mad, I was tryna fight
Nigga, we hungry
Mama at work, daddy, he dead, nigga we lonely
Stomach growlin’ like a AMG, goin’ to bed, we hungry
Uzi on me, all my friends are dead, nigga, we lonely
Reportin’ live from the other side of America

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