Young M.A – Trap or Cap [MP4]

Young M.A Trap or Cap Mp4 Video download

Young M.A Trap or Cap Mp4 Video download

Young M.A has put out the music video for her song called “Trap or Cap” off her newly released Red Flu EP. Peep the colourful clip below and share.

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Download Young M.A Trap or Cap Mp4 Video below.

(Zombie on the track)
Let me take a swig of that Henny real quick
Too many cappin’ niggas, man, too many cappin’ bitches out here, man
Either you gettin’ money or you cappin’
That’s it, uh

Young M.A Trap or Cap Mp4 Video download

[Verse 1]
Pushin’ V’s, hundreds in my jeans, that’s a hundred G’s
Bougie bitch says she wanna leave, well, fuck it, leave
You ain’t got no car, you ain’t got no keys (You ain’t got no keys)
Now call that Uber to take you home and when you leave, leave me alone (Skrrt, skrrt)
Don’t hit my phone, pour me up some Hennessy, roll up a bone
I’m tired of hoes, how the hell you broke, but wearin’ designer clothes?
You stupid ho, I swear I’m through with those, ’cause damn, they do the most
That clout and shit, I don’t care ’bout the shit, I don’t care if you known
Them cappin’ guys, always rappin’ lies, but be a rat inside
Chasin’ cheese, I’m out here chasin’ green, you either trap or die
What’s brackin’, five?
We packin’ 30s, 40s, and we packin’ 9s (Grrt)
I’m packin’ mine, my pockets fat inside ’cause, bitch, I’m stackin’ mine
If you ain’t comin’ out to make no money, then nigga, go back inside
Was sober for a minute, I drunk that Henny and now I’m back alive
Yeah, I’m humble, but I got different sides, so, ayy, don’t act surprised
RedLyfe Gang, we wildin’ out (RedLyfe)
Rich nigga without havin’ clout (Uh-huh)

Ayy, either you trappin’ or you cappin’ (Man, pick a side)
Either you trappin’ or you cappin’ (Ain’t no switchin’ sides)
Either you trappin’ or you cappin’ (Period)
Ayy, ayy

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